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Wednesday, August 5, 2009


There are things that i just don't get. People want to walk around feeling that they are somehow entitled to respect. I get both sides of the argument: you have to give it to get it, and you have to earn it. Which one is it? I mean, do i have to show you respect in order to receive some back? Or do i have to show you that I am worthy of your respect? HUMMM..?? The reason I propose this is by the fact that I was reading another's blog- i dont post where i find my "inspiration" from (but if you want it, i will give it to you). This "lady" and I use that term loosely was basically stating how great the sex was from a married man she was seeing. What sexual positions got the best rise out of him and what she was "not" going to do with him on the plane because "there were some things that she was going to save for [her] 1st husband". I read through the post and felt a deep sense of sadness for her because its like, are you not worthy of being someones one and only? And what made me think even harder was the time she is wasting with someone that will never be hers...If he hasn't left his wife yet for you, why do you think that he is going to just because you are giving him what he wants- a piece of ass that is different from his wife's.

Women go around and blame the men for not being faithful and being lyin, cheating dogs but look at this. Women are going around knowingly sleeping and forming some kind of relationship with men that are supposed to be off limits to them. Where is the respect? Not only for yourself but his wife? Why doesn't this man's wife automatically, as another woman, get the respect from other women to back off! He is taken. No, no, no. Women even glamorize being able to "steal ya man" without any respect for themselves or the other female. There is a lack of respect amongst women now. They look at another woman as purely competition, not only for the man but for a job, looks, style, desirability, attention, and the list goes on. We do not respect one another, so how do we expect men to?

To sit there and sleep with an "off limits" man and carry on this relationship is to some women, i believe, not only selfish or lack of respect, a way to solidify that they have won this invisible competition. They know now that they have one-up'd you in an area that will leave you feeling insecure and broken. I truly do. Then want to go around claiming that men are all dogs. LADIES! WE MAKE THEM THIS WAY!! I know that some lie, and I am not talking about women who get played by men who make them truly believe they are the only one (yes, you got played). The portion I am talking about is a very large and growing population who thrive on the ability to take or grab the attention of a "off-the-market" man (which, if we wanna be honest, its not that hard- men are visual creatures). They mess around with guys that already have girls, then wanna use the excuse of "well, if she was handlin it right..", or "im not the one in a relationship with him..." and other BULL that does not free you from bein triflin'. They will never realize that they were just the side piece, you were never good enough to GET him. WOMEN, when will we realize that we are the reason men cheat (again, not talking bout men who try and play women)? Everytime you KNOW he has a girl and still mess with him, then you are just contributing to the stereotype that men are dogs. Really. think about it. I AM NOT LETTING MEN OFF THE HOOK, but i am TIRED of all these females talkin about men, when some of them have messed with a dude KNOWIN he had a girl! Ok, so is he worse off then you? In your opinion no because "you weren't the one in a relationship with him..". If we take the time to back off and just RESPECT another woman and her relationship, not saying it would completely change things, but it could make this a little better. You wouldnt cheat with your best friend man, would you (if you would, then that is a WHOLE different post)? So, why would you do it to another woman- the fact that you dont KNOW her or respect all comes back.

The point of this post was to address an issue that is very present but we are so blind to the fact that we can change this to a certain extent if we just respect others. I am really tired of having females complain about how there are no good men left, but they steadily sleeping with someone man. Now, how does that make sense? We need to start realizing that there are just as few good WOMEN left. It takes two to cheat. If she doesn't know, then that is a different story. But if he has a baby seat in the back of his car, wont let you come to his house or meet his family, then some red flags should go up. If you are unwilling to investigate it, in my opinion that is the same as knowing and not caring.



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