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Thursday, June 18, 2009

WHY DO WOMEN.....????

Ladies, do NOT think I was just goin to let you off the hook. Same goes for the men, this is a very loose, very broad generalization of females that I have came in contact with, been acquaintances with or befriended. I am in no way talking about ALL females when i say women, ok? I dont like men grouping us into one category so I will not do the same.

Why do women:

1) hate on other females? You know women do. I mean, I have seen girls walk into a room (ive walked into a few myself) and just had the most hateful glares from other females. She did NOTHING!! What is so wrong with another female being pretty or prettier than you?

2) dress up in the most provacative clothes, I mean half-naked, and wonder why you they attract all these one-nighters? I know men cannot judge you by what you wear, but reality has shown us people DO judge a book by its cover.

3) call their man when he is out with his boys? LEAVE HIM ALONE!! My god, at least he aint out cheatin on you. And if you calling to make sure of that you really need to re-evaluate why you are in that relationship

4) bring up they weight all the time?? O lord! Go to the gym or shut the f**k up!

5) continually get advice on they relationship from their single, lonely, bitter friends??

6) go through they dudes phone and try to call the girls in it? The reason I say this is because I've had some girls callin me about they dude- NOT CUTE BOO!?! Check your man

7) still only blame the female if they man cheatin with her? Unless she KNEW about you, then you have no reason to attack that girl..that is YOUR man, YOU are in a relationship with HIM, NOT HER!

8) go through a dudes phone if you aint in a relationship with them? You are not in a position to say or do shit so back back.

9) give up the goods on the first date, but claim they want a "good" man? I mean, there have been relationships that have lasted for a while even after a first date sex-capade, but its rare- dont think you will be part of those few.

10) not define your status with dude, but then get mad if he talkin or sleepin with other females? You may believe you guys are at one level, and he may think you guys are at another. Dont assume just because you guys kick it all the time and have sex on the regular, mean you in a relationship. Its YOUR job to define what it is if you are really wanting it to go to another level.

11) try to glue or sew hair in, go to the nail shop to put on fake nails, dust off they best girdle, put on they favorite make-me-look-like-I-got-D's-when-Im-only-a-B push up bra, fake eyelashes and cake makeup all on they face, but want a dude to love them for them!

12) assume what a man likes sexually? All men are different, hence, they like different things. Dont go in there with yo old-boyfriend preferences and think its gon just automatically fly with the next dude.

13) ask questions they aint ready to hear the answer to? "Did you sleep with her?", "yes". If you aint ready to hear the answer and ready to accept and deal with everything it brings DONT ASK IT!! Im telling you, you want a man to tell you the truth- NEWS ALERT: SOMETIMES THE TRUTH HURTS OR ISNT WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR! Take a step back before you ask, look at all possible answers to this question, if you can handle each one then go ahead and ask.

14) claim they independent but want a man with money, a job, a car, his own place, a bomb bank account, ect- but not because you want him to be on your level, but because you still livin at home with your mama? I am not knockin if you stayin with your parents, I recently moved back in with mine so dont get me wrong. What I am saying is, dont pursue someone who may not be on your level, below it nor above it. Below it is just going to make you think he aint shit, above it is going to make you insecure (if you are a REAL woman) that you are living up to his standards.

15) go over a dude house at one in the morning (that aint your man, you can do different things when you got one) at one in the morning and get appalled if he want sex? GIRL, its universal! After 11, you are a BOOTY CALL!! Now-a-days it may even be before then..


gee.ell.cee said...

LOL!!! Too real and too right! that was awesome. ha ha. Sending this to some of my ex's hahaha.

mizzeboni said...

LMAO!! i had a few people in mind when i posted lol and just let it flow!!

Josan Iracheta said...

this is really funny cus its real haha

Miss. Jenee said...

GIRL I NEED to put this on my blog.. I'mma create my own version though!

mizzeboni said...

LMAO @ Miss.Jenee.. girl GO AHEAD!!! it would be interesting to read other peoples

MATHEW@PM4K said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA... THIS ONE IS OUT OF THE WORLD FUNNY :D Awesome post Mizzeboni. Mathew's surely going to share it with his friends. By the way, did you get any answers to any of your questions. Dont forget to post the answers also ;)

Although it doesn't come as close as your post, but there's one that Mathew's written about WOMEN & PROJECT MANAGEMENT. It's titled "SECRET RECIPE TO SUCCESSFUL PROJECT MANAGEMENT" (the URL is in Mathew's name) Hope you like it.

Cheers & Keep it up

Carrie said...

First of all lemme say that this was HILARIOUS as well as very real...

Please, don't let the ladies off the hook... we just as triflin as men are sometimes.


Anonymous said...

Too funny! But true! SMDH

mizzeboni said...

LOL.thanks you guys!! and NO i didnt get any answers =( but its ok! And Carrie, I could NOT let women off, we got just as many issues as men!!

Muffie SHannen said...

hi youspeakonit! i really like your blog, very suitable for us, i mean young, single, pretty ladies he he..

well, its just that we want attention, but in a good way so ladies lets not over-do it he he..

Muffie Shannen said...

i'll surely refer this to my girlfriends he he.. plus im gonna put you on my blog roll so i dont miss your post he he1



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