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Thursday, June 18, 2009


First and foremost I am making this clear I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT ALL MEN!! OK, i try not to group all men into one category because 1) I dont feel all men are the same (and if you do,you havent been with a lot or just keep messin with the same ones) and 2) I do not like being grouped into categories with the rest of the female species.. ok, once again, NOT talking about all men. It is a very loose, very broad generalization. These are just things I have observed in my journey of dealing with men (and boys). It is not even all about the guys I've talked to, but guy friends as well. Ok, if you feel none of this relates to you, then pat yourself on the back and keep at it..

1) cant men tell the truth? I mean you guys sometimes lie about the most minuscule things. But wanna talk about how you "keep it real"

2) do men categorize women into one group to sum up only the women they've dated? Just like I said men are not all the same, neither are women

3) do men hide the fact they are in a relationship? I mean, why do you feel the need to purposely NOT disclose the fact that you got a girl? Is it because you are hoping to get with chick you just met or befriended?

4) look at another girl as she walks by but then lie to us when we catch you? WE SEEN YOU!! that is why we brought it up

5) do men want they women to look like the video chicks (i aint gon lie, they bad) but they body aint shit? They stomach lookin like a deflated airbag but want they women to be a size 2

6) do men want head before EACH sexual encounter (not that there is anything wrong with that) but our stuff gotta be look a certain way, shaved, waxed, smell a certain way, have a certain texture before you even CONSIDER headin down south?

7) do men live and die by the double standard?

8) will he cheat on they girl and expect her to get over it or move on, but let her cheat on them.. all hell will break lose!

9)do men complain about women but the only ones you go after are the ones you wanna tap that first night- or shortly after? You cant expect to find a diamond in the mud boo.

10) do men want a girl who got some bomb sex techniques, but secretly wonder if she a ho? I mean, come on she got that way SOME HOW

11) do men want to know our "number" but then turn around and get mad when you hear it?

12) can men live with a woman, pay bills with her, have kids with her but think that they aint quite ready for marriage?? I will NEVER understand this, knowing some people who really live like this and still aint married.. smh

13) do men get mad if they buy a girl a drink, then she just walk off with it? We didnt ask for it..didnt you offer it? I didnt know drinks came with a obligatory phone number

14) do men want a "good" woman after they done sowin they wild oats and "playin the field"? You just want her waiting with open arms when YOU ready to settle down (but I lightweight understand that if you aint ready, you aint ready)

15) *speaking of that* why do men stay with a girl for 3 years then decide he aint ready for a relationship?

16) do men think girls are automatically emotionally attached after havin sex with them? Ummm... im not even goin to bust myself out

17) Only want a girl after another man does? Yes, no one wants someone that no one else desires, but dont get mad if he snatch her up because he could recognize what he had in the first place

18) do men think sextin aint cheatin? I mean, I can see how they can but I am a firm believer that you shouldnt play with fire. I believe that cheatin starts in the mind when you truly start lustin after someone because you will act on it.


Carrie said...

In regards to #16, I'll bust myself out.. LOL... I've had sex with a dude and to me it was just that. I wasn't emotionally attached to him.. just the.. lol..

I don't know why women confuse sex with love. Two VERY seperate things.

mizzeboni said...

LMAO!! ummmmm i plead the fifth but i can tell you "hypothetically" that i have not been attached either... thanks for the comment

Anonymous said...

Overall this post is hysterical! I love how you speak the truth! But #16 I don't agree with. I got that bomb sex technique! And far from a ho! LOL

Anonymous said...

I meant that I don't agree with #10, not #16. Sorry.



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