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Thursday, June 18, 2009


i just finished my other blog post and I just kept thinking and thinkin to the question I posed and what I wrote, it led me to wonder about sex on the first date or one-night stand situations. It made me rember this--

I was listening to this guy on youtube (he has a whole youtube series..this was a while back so I cant remember his name at all, but ask my bf, he knows..i went OFF because of his post) and he was basically laying out the idea that men lose respect for a woman if she gives it up after the first date. He goes on to talk about how men cannot respect these women because if she gave it up to "him" that fast, she must have gave it up to others just as quickly. I was hot, I mean blood-boiling hot, not because I am a frequent give-it-up-after-the-first-date participater or anything but it just completely STUMPED me to how guys think the way they do. But I know this sounds a little one-sided but I am asking for guys opinions too.

My thing is, why is that a guy can have sex with a girl on the first date and feel that she is the only ho' in the room? I dont understand. I can completely get the logic of men thinking that he was not the only one she may have gave it up to that quickly. My thing is that why is she the only one labeled? I know its about the double standard so dont even come at me with that. We have to seriously look at the message we are sending by saying that "o its just the way the world works", if you think she a ho', OK!! I am NOT captain save a ho so I could care less. But what I am saying is, refer to yourself as one too. By no means am I a feminist because deep inside I swear I am emotional man. I just dont like the double standard in any situation. GUYS, if you are reading, PLEASE dont think I am attacking you because I am not. I am just trying to figure things out. I mean, a lot of guys say they cant respect a girl if she gives it up on the first date, but if we implement the 30 or 90 day rule,you guys cant wait that long. IM CONFUSED!!! I really am so i would LOVE for a guy to break it down for us.

And do some guys ever stop to think that thats all WE want? Maybe we want the dinner, some good sex and to be left alone! Does it depend on her readily wanting the sex that makes her a ho? Or is it the fact that she may not have wanted it in the first place but since you askin her she will do it, that makes her a ho?? I have been in some "brief" (but NOT one night stands, or sex on the first date- havent done that)encounters with guys(friends, acquaintances, people I have been talkin to) and if I feel that it is not really going to be more than that, sure we can do the business because I mean, you're not going to call afterwards, right? Or am I wrong? Am I looking at this in a completely screwed sense with the emotions of a woman, but sometimes very manly mindset? Maybe that is why I am so mixed up.

But my question is: Does sex on the first date automatically make the girl, or guy (im tryin not to discriminate), a ho? Does it depend on the circumstance?


Anonymous said...

It depends on the circumstance. Personally, I am not a believer in sex on the first date. I have never done that and don't plan on doing it ever!

But a circumstance that could lead someone to have sex on the first date could be that they have not had it in let's say 3 or 6 months, for example. I don't think that makes the person a ho.



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