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Monday, August 24, 2009


There has been a paradigm shift in the quality of men and women that are walking around now. In the past, the women were conservative, modest, cooked, cleaned, ya-da-ya-da-ya-da. Men were respectable, went to work, was in the household, married and tried to make it last. Yes, people of that era had their problems and everything wasnt as peachy as it was proclaimed to be but it was NO where near as bad as the young people of today are. I am focusing on the women today because some are so outrageously ignorant to what they really want that they are setting themselves to get set up to not get any of it.
Let me first get the point out of the way: I dont think some men really know what they want either. Moving on- what I am trying to address with this post is the fact that women will want a good man (who doesn't?) with all these great qualities, beautiful spirit, provides, ya-da-ya-da-ya-da. But these are the same women who go to the club in dresses up to their ass-cheeks, breasts out, all this makeup piled on their faces and so on. What I am failing to understand is why they do this if they know that men are visual creatures and they tend to judge the book by the cover. Men see skin, they think flesh, they think flesh, they think sex! You see the pattern? You are roping a man in to think of you solely as a sexual object then have the NERVE to get mad when he do. They want a good man, but they want to dress like a common street walker. I mean, you have the right to do whatever you want to do but at the same time, you dont get to make a 1st impression again.

Steve Harvey said on the Tyra show when discussing his book: Think Like A Man, Act Like a Lady, or the other way around, I dont know. What he said was: A man does not come across the room because of a womans mind. What is being said is that a man is attracted to the outer, that is what gets them to approach a woman. But where does it say that he is only attracted to those whose body is barely covered? I know that the girls with the most skin are the ones that get approached often, but why demean yourself to that level in order to get a man who is only thinkin about hittin it if you put it out there like that is what you want to happen? I know this because I use to be one of those girls. I wore the shortest, tightest, most revealing dresses but I wasnt really going out in order to meet guys. I was just dressing how the club atmosphere called for and I answered. What I realized is that you are a representation of yourself where ever you go and what is the best way to represent yourself to a room full of people better than how you appear? I am not saying go to the club in jeans and a screen tee..NO! You can do it up sexy, conservative without being over the top.
I am posting this because I am seeing it happen a lot. First, why would you try to find a good man in the club? Surrounded by a variety of meat in different packaging? Second, why do you feel that all you have to offer is your body? I know some women believe that, "o, I am going to show them what I got, then try and give him the brains to back it up".. this has worked, but it is very rare. What the general concept should be is that we should respect ourselves before accepting the opinion of others. We should know that if they are only going for those who dress provacatively, then they arent the ones because they will ALWAYS be going after the ones dressed that way. HELLO? Don't conform to his idea of what sexy is, or how you should dress in order to get him to approach you. What makes him so worthy of you to begin with? Because he FINE? O no, that will only take him so far and get you so much.

Be smart, dont succumb to the standards.

Unless that is what works for you.

-mizz eboni


Carrie said...

Real Talk.

Dave Chapelle said "If I'm walking down the street in a police uniform and somebody asks for help, why would I get mad at them? I have on the uniform! Likewise, if you walking down the street looking like whore, you cant get mad when a nigga treats you like one.. you have on the uniform!"

I busted out laughin at jeans and a screen tee!


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