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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I was watching television the other day while reading other peoples blogs (yes, I do follow other blogs) and came across and argument that eluded to the fact that black male artists in the entertainment industry have no problem using girls from other races in their videos, but you very rarely see the vice versa of that. Whites, hispanics and others do not use black women for a large part in their videos, its almost never seen. There blog was extremely eye-opening because it went on to base the argument, "are black women less desirable?". If other races dont use black women in their videos, and black men dont as well (about half the time), then what picture is that presenting about this race?

I thought this was very, very interesting to read. While this blog still lingered in my mind, I began watching that show Kendra on E! (the playmate that starred in "Girl Next Door"). I was watching, only partially amused, about how she was going to her bachelorette party. She then, with friends, decided to go topless in the private pool they had in the sweet, all while being on camera. She later told her husband Hank Baskett, nfl star, about the incident, he barely shrugged it off. I was thinking, I am not a man but would NEVER let my fiancee parade around like that, especially if she is supposed to be representing me. This led me to just further look at the situation and how it reflects the same things going on in everyday life.

It came to my realization that in the entertainment world, its almost that its okay for a white woman to do what a black or other minority group would be chastised for doing. *Ok, let me make this clear, this is not really about interracial relationships. I feel that everyone is entitled to be with whomever they feel they are attracted to and compatible with. This is more so about race relations in a way that I have not seen talked about before.* What I am saying is that (im going to focus on black-white, but we know it happens in other cultures/groups as well) a black man can be with a white woman in the "adult entertainment industry" but if a black woman did the same thing, she is ostracized. Kendra posed for playboy (I even seen a video of her dancing in a crowded atmosphere with a g-string on), married to a half-black man. Kanye West, whose armpiece is Amber Rose, (I cannot find a consensus of her ethnicity, but its not black) who is a bisexual former stripper. Omarion, former member of boy group B2k, is married to a bi-sexual stripper, (little is known about her, so her race cannot be pinpointed, but she is not all-black, or black at all). We ALLLL know about Reggie Bush dating Kim Kardashian, who had a sex tape out with another black man and posed for playboy. Jenna Jameson, who is a former porn star married with kids to Tito Ortiz, a hispanic man. Tila Tequila who has had VERY risque pictures out, had her own reality show about being bisexual, and been linked with black men such as Ray J, and Will of Day 26. And the list goes on, including Pamela Anderson, Carmen Electra, and Paris Hilton. These women have all had sex on film, or posed nude, or was in the "adult entertainment industry".

To me it seems that black, white, Hispanic men can so quickly disregard the fact that their women have been in the profession. Do not get me wrong, I feel that being in this industry does not mean that you do not deserve to be loved, that is furthest from the truth. What I am trying to address here is the fact that it seems that these men can look past these acts if a white woman does them (or Hispanic-and-something in Tila's case). I asked my boyfriend and my brother to name just ONE man, any race, who is with a black woman who has done ANY of this! NAME ONE, I CAN WAIT *dun nun, nun, nun, nun, dun, nun, nun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, DUN* Think of one without trying to google it? EXACTLY! I am pretty sure that SOMEWHERE it does exist, I am not saying that. What I am trying to bring to light is, WHY? Why does it seem that white woman can do these things and these men be so ok with it? How come they can look past these details, but we cannot think of one black woman that can get this pass (even though I am sure it happens)? I don't understand. I feel that this is really saying something but we are too blind to even realize it. This is not to come down on these women, this is to address something that I think is wrong and unfair and shows we still hold white women, to a certain extent (or those more closely resembling white), on this pedestal. They can do and behave whatever way they want to but, we as black women, have to earn the degree, go get a masters, get this high paying job and be top of the line in order to receive the same respect these white pornstars get. I know its not REALLY this way, but its just how it FEELS! Look at the black video "models", are they anyone's arm piece or are they a quick piece of ass between takes?

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For those who dont know, Karrine Steffans is a former porn star, video vixen and well-known home wrecker. She publicly relayed all the sexual encounters she has had with married and single black men from the entertainment industry. She was completely disrespected, in my opinion by these two newscasts people. I feel that yes, she was all those things and more, but she is trying AT LEAST to turn herself from that image. But will society let her? NO! They completely ridiculed her from start to finish. But where is the ridicule of Kendra, the playboy model on some other talk show and entertainment channels? She has her own show! Where is the backlash from the media on Kim Kardashian? Where is the media disrespect of Paris Hilton, who is on late-night talk shows and completely hounded by paparazzi? What about Jenna Jameson, who has has volumes of porn videos but is praised by the some of the media, even VH1 did a True Hollywood Story on her!?!
What I am trying to make known is the complete bias and unequality that black women, who have done the same thing as white women but get a whole different level of treatment. I believe that there is something really, really wrong with this picture. It gives the impression that you can be the best as a black women, but get the same respect as the "worst" (meaning, done the worst things-porn, stripping, posing nude) white woman.


panamaican said...

I loved this topic. I just shared it with one of my boys and we realized we did this too. We were thinking about college and frat parties. Everyone has a sterotype of white girls at frat houses and we just say "that's what white girls do!" Yet when I mentioned black girls performing the same behaviors at a black frat party we both got that "Can't turn a ho into a housewife" vibe. It's definitely a crazy double standard and thanks for bringing it to my attention.

It also got me thinking that we might be holding black women to unrealistic standards of behavior. I have no idea if this crosses over into other parts of our lives. However, if we don't forgive black women as easily as women other races for the same transgressions then it's conceivable that we'll find other women eaiser to date because they are less likely to fail to live up to our ideals for them. An example if you may: if we forgive white girls for nagging us quicker that we forgive black girls for the same amount of nagging then it's easier for the white girl to meet our standards for a good relationship and more likely that the black girl will come up short. That's a really screwed up thing, if it's happening.

mizzeboni said...

O my god!! You brought it from an angle with that example that I didnt even think about. I love hearing other peoples views on things and how they feel about subjects. I thank you for being honest as well. I truly believe that we don't even realize sometimes that we are doing it either.

You bring up a great point as well because someone I talked to about it said, "well, we actually are holding black women on a pedestal because we feel that typically, this is not how they are raised to act..white girls are". They flipped it. But when you brought in the nagging, you flipped it Its great. You opened my eyes to a whole other perspective on the topic because I am coming from a woman's point of view and I already have bias *which few admit*. But I also like getting into the minds of others to see why things are the way that they are.

Thank you so much said...

Thoughtful be honest, I wondered why I didn't see any black or hispanic woman on those tasteless "girls go wild" videos and figured it was because black and hispanic woman had more sense. (I am a middle aged American Indian/White woman). I see the behavior of Paris Hilton and Pam Anderson and the other white woman as being demeaning to white woman and am embarrassed by their behavior. You may be too young to remember what was done to Vanessa Williams when she won Miss America, it took her many years to overcome that....I wonder if she were white if she would have lost her crown?

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