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Monday, July 6, 2009


A few weeks ago, I told Uncle Russ that I do not want to “waste my celebrity,”
as my celebrity is a gift to me, my family and the world…not only for me to get
ahead, but for others as well. So, I am happy to announce that I have officially
signed to the Ford Agency and I am moving to NY to pursue my modeling and acting
careers! I am going to be taking acting classes in NY and will pursue the dreams
that I have had my entire life. Today, I feel really blessed. I can actually
look @ this contract and know that I have made some progress. Proof that when
you work hard, good things do happen. I know it is just a piece of paper, but to
me that contract represents millions of opportunities that are now before me.
Again, it is not just to help me, but so I can make a greater impact around the
world. The world is only what you make it…so when you have great opportunities,
use them and make your dreams come true! (via

Ok, I want to first start out by saying that I have nothing against Miss Amber Rose. I think she is a beautiful girl, with an incredible flair for style that usually will only look good on her and her alone. But after reading this post off I just had to laugh hysterically. For those who may have lived under a rock for the past few months, or have no interest in the world of black entertainers, Amber Rose is Kanye West jumpoff (ok, well girlfriend in some eyes). She is an ex-stripper and proclaimed bi-sexual. There has been many different rumors that she actually likes Kanye and others say that she has told friends that she is only using him to rescue her from her situation. Either way, they are officially some kind of item.

Moving on, I dont have a problem with her or anything. My thing is that when you say that you have "worked hard" to get where you are at, it just rings completely unbelievable. And to consider yourself a "celebrity"...WOW! I mean, no hate, I just look at this and am forced to observe the changing of the times we are in. I remember when celebrity had some kind of ring to it, some kind of notariety, but now, its seeming like everyone is throwing around this title like a used wash cloth. I just feel its wrong to say that she is a "celebrity" when those who are making way more money than her, have put in the work, long hours, auditions, seperations from family and friends to attain their dreams, sold cds out of the trunk to get where they are, ect, have the same title! They WORKED for that title, but now anyone on a vh1 reality tv show can achieve the same title by giving up the goods. I just see this as being so wrong. But maybe that is just me.I am proud of her because o girl is gorgeous, but it seems that these days, no one wants to work for what they want. They want to take the easy, and sometimes very self-demeaning way out in hopes to accomplish their goals. It just seems to me that soon as a girl does something, now-a-days, that would have been completely shunned back in the day they are thrown into the limelight and given this emmaculate praise and for what? For example, love Kim Kardashian but who was she before the sex tape? C'mon! As soon as it was out who she was involved with and her background, her "career" took off. But why was she not pursuing modeling and acting, as she claims thats what she does now, before? Why as soon as these young ladies are thrown in the spotlight, it seems like their priorities change? Look at Chanel Iman, she is so young and she is on the catwalk of the biggest names in the fashion industry, and didnt have to put out a sex tape, or be paired up with a industry leader in order to do so. Where is the drive to pursue your dreams before the spotlight?

Or is this just the sign of the times? Where self-determination with integrity is tranmpled by the ideals of "by any means necessary"? By allowing young women, who hold the same morals of achieving their dreams by whatever it takes, to see that you can get to the top by doing this is only furthering the likelihood of this cycle to continue. By this I mean that these girls will continue to use and manipulate these men, or men who may hold the same caliber, to gain access into whatever venture they want to go into. But these same men say they dont want gold-diggers, so they hold off on truly committing themselves to women because they are so guarded and protected because they do not know who to trust. This is a cycle that is just going to just getting worse and worse. These girls see these women who are usually using their bodies in order to gain access to wealth, material things and affluent men, and this is what they want. So they potentially go down the same route in order to do so. They dont wanna work for it, they dont wanna put in the running around, advertising, auditioning, stress, long hours, rejection, time among many other things to achieve their dreams. I am not saying that if a celebrity came up to a person and wanted to date them, and this said person knew that they could use this relationship to attain their goals that they would not take the offer. But is it wrong to do so? This is very subjective and could be looked at either way. My thing is it comes down to love. If Amber really cares about Kanye, (and Im not saying that she does not, I am using her as an EXAMPLE of what is a reality in this world, and especially the music industry) and the relationship is opening doors because she is attractive and people would like to use her, then no I dont find anything wrong with it. I just dont believe in using people! I dont think it is right to use someone in order to gain access to the dreams YOU want but dont want to put in the work for.


yours truly said...

i've been holding the same sentiments for a while now. i don't think anyone could have predicted how reality tv would morph the entertainment industry the way it has but we're certainly seeing it live in colour now. i hate how much everything you spoke about has changed the way people rise to fame.

was hollywood really all that peachy before? maybe, maybe not. but the work ethic isn't there the way it used to be. why would it when you can be a professional groupie to get ahead? i don't even dislike kim or amber either. it's just amazing that less and less people in the public eye are the ones that had the drive to WORK their way to the top, hustle and scrape tooth and nail until they got to where they needed to be.

d.funkt said...

love your layout. did you do all of it yourself?

i think its sad that sex is the only way women like this see they can get to the top but its a long tradition kinda. sigh.

mizzeboni said...

Thank you guys for commenting

d.funkt- no i didnt sorry! i wish tho and thank you

yours truly- agree wholeheartedly! And its a shame because there are some people who work that hard their entire life and still dont reach their dream. I have nothing against either one of them either, I just dont like what it "looks" like or represents

mizzeboni said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Muffie Shannen said...

yay! anything for fame, negative publicity is still a publicity, yay..



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