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Monday, June 22, 2009


IN RESPONSE TO YOURS TRULY: (well, for the most part lol)

One, I wanna thank those who left comments and wanna say hi to the new followers I really appreciate it a lot. I know you (yours truly) left a comment saying that I should write like my previous one more often and that led me to finally getting around to telling what this is about.

I really liked the one I just posted about my dad but what some dont realize is that it does take a lot out of you. By that I mean, my dad isnt something I really ever talk about and I wasnt going to post it at first because I am generally really private when it comes to matters that are close to me. I bottle things up as way to deal with them. I know its not the best way but its my way. I hope to do as you asked a write more stuff like this and I more than likely will (thanks =]) but it just wont be on a constant basis. I cant just up and pour something out everyday, nothing that deep happens to me on a daily basis. I dont wanna try and it comes out sounding over-rehearsed and fake just to get comments of people who may like it. I did that one on a whim, COMPLETE whim. I was just kind of tired of hearing (on twitter of course) the hooplah over Fathers Day as if everyone has a reason to be overjoyed. If your father was there, GREAT! Fathers are needed JUST as much as mothers are, I dont care what anyone has to say. But I cant be enthralled about a day that has no meaning to me right now in my life. Its like me celebrating Veterans Day. *let me word this correctly, as not to offend*. I understand why people celebrate it, I do. But its like, no one in my family is a vet so I feel fake celebrating it in a way. If that makes sense.

All I wanna do with this blog is have fun. I dont wanna be all personal ALL the time because I think that it becomes depressing or make it feel centered JUST on me which its not. Its supposed to raise topics that draw conversations. You kno? I dont wanna have a whole bunch of topics but no one gets the sense of who I am either. So Im going to do my best to balance them out. I am still contemplating what is the next topic..I've gotten wonderful Thanks again for reading, commenting and following, I appreciate it.



yours truly said...

i'm only now seeing this but i can feel you on where you're coming from with the post. so i can respect the purpose you want your blog to serve. keep good chick. :)

mizzeboni said...

Thank you so much for reading I really appreciate it so much. I hope you keep reading and if you have a blog please let me kno so I can check yours out too.. And lovin the profile pic..



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