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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Ok, I just ran across a post that was written on Necole Bitchie's site that linked to another site that some may be familiar with, Blogxilla. Ok, the title of the post on Blogxilla was "I pissed on her because I loved her". Yeah, this is NOT made up. You can read it here Ok, it basically went that the guy who wrote the post was having sex and afterwards, after both of them rushing to use the toilet, he could not wait and pissed on his girl. He also claims that she just laughed and took it willingly. He goes on to rationalize that he did this because he loved the girl and it showed her love for him because she allowed him to do it. He said that love and good sex allows people to things that they would not normally do.

Call me crazy but I do believe that great sex allows people to get a little extra you-know-what. If you are getting it pretty good, then you may double back, hit the splits and yell out this barbarian war cry. LOL. Everyone is different and everyone has their own preferences they enjoy. But to be urinated on? I dont think I have ever heard of someone getting sex so good that they will allow someone to piss on them. I mean, I am not doubting that someone on this earth may enjoy that, but i do not know a single person PERSONALLY. And to claim it was out of love? Most would see this as a sign of disrespect. How could you love someone and do something that I believe is degrading to them? I mean, the police can give you a ticket for pissin on the sidewalk, on the side of a building, ect. A dog pisses on a fire hydrant! So in those terms I see it as being something so repulsive because it is almost saying that you are on the same level as a fire hydrant, or a toilet. I feel that there are so many other ways to express your love and enjoyment of your sexual experience. I think that some people try to play up all these things they see in porn, among other things, and want to live out this fantasy of doing that to someone. And I am not knocking that at all because I am one to go for try something at least once because you just may like itI believe guys (and girls) want to experiment and try some of those things but think they risk having their girl or dude feel degraded by even the suggestion. But there are things that you can try that doesnt cross the line between experimenting and degrading someone.

But this post is more centered around two questions: 1) Is there sex so good that you would allow someone to do something completely out of the ordinary? (it does not have to be pissin on you, but you get the point). 2) When or where is the line crossed for you?

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